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Study in USA

The US has the world’s highest population of international students. The country’s institutions thousands of academic programmes. This flexible and freedom for students to choose and arrange their timetable as they see fit makes studying the US ideal for any student.

In addition to that, the US boasts the world’s best universities, with top-quality systems and programmes. Let's get started your journey to study abroad in the USA.


OFFICIAL NAME United States of America

FORM OF GOVERNMENT Constitutional Republic

CAPITAL Washington, D.C.

POPULATION 329.5 million


MONEY United States Dollar

AREA 9.8 million square kilometres


  • Eastern Standard Time (EST) Washington, DC, USA (GMT-5)

  • Central Standard Time (CST) Chicago (GMT-6)

  • Mountain Standard Time (MST) Denver (GMT-7)

  • Pacific Standard Time (PST) Los Angeles (GMT-8)

  • Alaska Standard Time (AST) Anchorage (GMT-9)

  • Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HST) (GMT) UTC +0

  • British Summer Time (ACST) UTC +1:00

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