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International Education Industry hits $33 Billion

International education export sector hits a record value $33.9 Billion, for last year, as per ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

Australia is predicted to overtake Britain this year as the second most popular destination for International Students globally, after US - quoted Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan.

Both China and India are the biggest supplier of international students to Australia and the trend will most likely to continue as UK goes through tighter migration rules and Brexit uncertainties.

Although, its great news for the sector and the economy but some questions still need to be concerned:

  1. Over reliability on key source markets - China and India

  2. Reliability on education agents - biggest feeders / representatives - but continues to remain largely unregulated.

  3. Over crowding of international students in major cities (Melbourne, Sydney) as compared to the officials coming up with major changes to grow regional areas

  4. Sustainability.

Mr. Tehan further added that Australia has hosted a staggering 690,000 international students last year which was the result of decades of investment, hard work and commitment of world class scholars, teachers and administrators and that the country has established a global reputation as a leader in higher education.

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