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Australian Education City being planned in Melbourne's West

Werribee (Melbourne - west) one of the fastest growing suburb in the country is getting ready for a proposed $20 billion Australian Education City (AEC) project. The proposed project promises to bring in a large number of international students and big reserach dollars from China.

The proposed development on more than 400 acres of empty land at Werribee plans housing for 80,000 residents, including a 50 storey tower and more than 50,000 students in high schools, vocational colleges and will boast of the some of the most prestigious university faculties from Australia, China and UK.

The company behind the project has cited that this will create the "largest reserach and development park in southern hemisphere".

The prospectus also says that AEC has an agreement with Chinese student recruitment firm EIC Group to receive a minimum of 2500 international students a year. Of the 50,000 students planned, 40,000 are to be at university level, with half of these from overseas.

At this stage, no details of confirmed education partners is available. However, given the scale of the project, it surely is to attract the attention of the country and would reconfirm Melbourne as the international student capital of the world. Watch this space for further updates.....

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