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Pathway visa - NZ leading the way

New Zealand is again leading the way when it comes to innovation, easing the visa options in an attempt for a bigger chunk at the booming international education market.

A priority action which was identified in 2014 during the International Education Industry strategic roadmap has been finally put in to action.

The pathway student visa will allow international students to undertake up to three consecutive programmes of study with selected education providers on a single visa that is valid for up to five years. A pathway programme can be offered by a single provider, or by a group of providers. For example, a student could obtain a pathway visa to study for three consecutive years at a school, or obtain a visa to undertake a year of study at an English language institution, progress to a year-long foundation programme, and follow that with a three-year degree programme.

A list of participating New Zealand education providers is available on the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) website.

The 18 month pilot period started on 7 December and will enable INZ to evaluate pilot outcomes, such as student transition rates from the first to the second programme of study and how well the arrangements between education providers are working.


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