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The Process

Step 1 Attend a counselling session with our team

During this session, our expert will help you to choose the course and institute that meets your career and financial aspirations.

Step 2 Apply for Admission

We apply for admission on your behalf and coordinate with the respective institute to track the progress of your application. Financials are to be submitted in this stage to the institute.

Step 3 Accept Offer, Pay the required tuition fee

At this stage, you need to pay the tuition fee request by the institute in the offer letter. If there were any conditions included in your offer letter, you must have met the conditions by this step. Our office can help you with the foreign exchange transaction.

Step 4 Make SEVIS (The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) payment

This is when you are required to make the SEVIS fee to the institute. Our office can help you with the foreign exchange transaction.

Step 5 Apply for Student visa

We check all your documents to ensure that they meet the Student visa requirements. We lodge the Student visa application on your behalf.

Step 6 Attend appointment for fingerprinting and interview

We help you with making the appointment. Once the appointment is confirmed, you need to attend the appointment and take the documents required at the time of attendance.

Step 7 Make travel arrangements

Our office can help you make all travel arrangement so that you can start your new life with convenience. We help you with buying insurance, buying foreign exchange, etc.

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